The history of the Wyatt Family was documented by Emma Wyatt, wife of Henry Wyatt.

Emma Wyatt

Emma Wyatt

March 2nd, 1874

"The elder Sir Thomas Wyatt is taken as the root of the present family, and their descent from him is traced in the genealogical tree at Mr. T. H. Wyatt's, London. The above named Sir T. W. of Allington Castle, Kent, was a Courtier, Statesman and Poet in the reign of Henry 8th and at one time a favourite of that capricious Monarch. He died in 1541. His son of the same name was a zealous Protestant and rose in arms against Queen Mary. His rebellion was subdued, and though considered a Traitor, to this bigotted and cruel Queen, he perished a Martyr to a pious and honourable cause in 1554. In later years the family has been distinguished for their taste and talents in the fine arts in Sculpture, Painting, and Architecture.

James Wyatt was Architect to King George 3rd, Jeffrey to King George 4th who changed his name to Wyat that he might be distinguished as an architect. Richard Wyatt the eminent Sculptor went to Rome in the 1850's at the request of Canova. Queen Victoria purchased his Statue of Penelope and several others and he executed one of her Majesty when he visited England. He excelled in portraying the female form and his works adorn all the Royal Palaces and Museums of Europe. The present Thomas H. Wyatt is President (by royal consent) of the Institute of Architects. He built the fine Exchange at Liverpool, many Churches and noblemen's houses. Sir Digby Wyatt, his brother superintended much of the International Exhibition of England and designed several of the Courts in the Sydenham Crystal palace and is still a leader in all public undertakings of taste and science.

All named in this century were nearly related to my dear husband; and his uncle Captain Charles Wyatt showed the talent inherent in the family by giving plans for the present Government House in Calcutta while stationed there."

Henry Wyatt

Henry Wyatt

Henry Wyatt and Emma Squibb

Henry Wyatt was born October 27, 1796 at Brome Hall, Suffolk, England. He was baptized on December 6, 1796, the son of Henry and Frances Wyatt. Henry Wyatt was of Oakley, Suffolk when he married Emma Squibb at St. James, Westminster, Middlesex on November 11, 1823. Emma Squibb was born December 24, 1799 in England. Emma had a sister named Catherine Clark. Emma received a book with the following inscription, "Emma Wyatt | from | her loving Sister | Catherine Clark | June 1877." This book was sold about 2004 by the Estate of Ruby Thompson, of Jordan, Ontario. This estate sale also featured a volume of piano music dated 1812 with the Squib name on it. Henry Wyatt had at least two sisters, Louisa and Gertrude. Henry received a book with the following inscription, "Henry Wyatt Esqre | from his Sisters Louisa and | Gertrude - | Novr 1st 1870." This book was sold about 2004 by the Estate of Ruby Thompson, of Jordan, Ontario.

Emma Squibb Wyatt

Emma Squibb Wyatt

Children of Henry and Emma Wyatt include 8 daughters and 3 sons. The Wyatt family arrived by ship, the "Hendrik Hudson" in New York on October 16, 1843. They were en route to becoming inhabitants of Canada. Henry was aged 46 and Emma was aged 43. The children ranged in age from 2 to 18.

1. Emma Wyatt was born August 8, 1824 and was baptized September 14, 1824 at Oakley, Suffolk, England. When Emma arrived in New York in October, 1843, her age was given as 18.

Emma Wyatt Baker

Emma Wyatt Baker

Henry and Emma Wyatt's eldest daughter, Emma was married to Hugh Cossart Baker at St. Luke's Anglican Church, Wellington Square (Burlington), Upper Canada, November 18, 1845. The wedding announcement reads, "At St. Luke's Church, Wellington Square, on 18th inst., Hugh Cossart Baker, of Hamilton, eldest son of Captain G. W. Baker, of Woodroofe, Ottawa River, late of the Royal Artillery, to Emma, eldest daughter of Henry Wyatt, late of Long Ditton, Surrey, England. The Reverend John Gamble Geddes performed the ceremony." St. Luke's Anglican Church stands today as Burlington's oldest church, established in 1834.

When Emma Wyatt Baker died of consumption June 1, 1859, at the age of 34, just a few months after her husband, she left a young family of two sons and four daughters who were brought up by relatives. Letters of Guardianship were filed in 1870 by Henry and Emma Wyatt where they were appointed legal guardians of the two youngest children, Emma Maria Baker and George Percival Baker. The census of 1861 shows that five of the orphaned Baker children were living with their grandparents, Henry and Emma Wyatt. The children included Fanny, aged 11; Annie, aged 9; Caty, aged 7; Emma, aged 4; and Percy, aged 3.

2. Catherine Wyatt was baptized May 16, 1826 at Oakley, Suffolk. When Catherine arrived in New York in October, 1843, she was aged 17. At age 22, Catherine married Thomas William Marsh, age 26. At Christ's Church, Wednesday, 20th September, 1848, the Rev. Thomas Wm. Marsh, B. A., Curate of Christ's Church, was married to Catherine, second daughter of Henry Wyatt, late of Long-Ditton, Surrey, England, now of Flamboro East. (Rev. Thomas Greene). Thomas Wm. Marsh tragically died en route to England, on the ship 'Canadian' on August 12, 1856, when he drank disinfecting liquid mistaking it for mineral water. According to the census of 1861, Catherine Marsh, a widow, was living with her parents at the age of 37. Catherine later married Henry Rogers and became Catherine Wyatt Rogers. The marriage occurred on August 10, 1866 in Halton region. Henry was aged 48; Catherine was aged 37. A font in St. Matthews Church, Burlington, was donated in 1884 by Catherine Wyatt Rogers.

Catherine Wyatt Rogers

Catherine (Kate) Wyatt Rogers

Henry Rogers

Henry Rogers

3. George H. Wyatt arrived in New York at the age of 14, in October, 1843. At the time of the 1861 census, George H. Wyatt was of Toronto, a ship broker, aged 32. His wife, Elizabeth was aged 26. Three children lived with the family; Katie aged 4, Percy aged 3 and Helen aged one.

George Wyatt

George H. Wyatt

4. Marianne Lee Wyatt arrived in New York at the age of 13 in October, 1843. She married James Coffin Geddes of The Bank of British North America of Hamilton on September 14, 1848. They were married by the Rev. John Gamble Geddes, brother of the groom. James was born September 11, 1814 to Dr. James Geddes and his wife Sarah Hannah Boies Gamble. James Coffin Geddes married three times during his life, and of the first marriage with Marianne Lee Wyatt, two children were born. A daughter, Anne Catharine Roberta Geddes was born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1849, and a son James Stewart Geddes who was born Thursday August 11, 1851. Anne Catherine Roberta Geddes later married Gardiner George Harvey of Guelph Township. Gardiner Harvey was born April 12, 1854.

Roberta Geddes Harvey and Gardiner Harvey

Anne Catherine Roberta Geddes Harvey and her husband Gardiner Harvey
Photo courtesy of Peg Ostrum.

The children of Anne C. and Gardiner Harvey are James Harvey, born June 27, 1885; George Harvey, born November 19, 1886; John R Harvey, born August 25, 1888; and Marianne I. R. Harvey, born June 29, 1893. At the time of the 1901 census, the family was living in Guelph, along with a domestic and a lodger. At the time of the 1911 census, the family was still living in the city of Guelph. Gardiner Harvey was a veterinarian, aged 55, born April, 1856; Ann Harvey was aged 62, born December, 1849; George Harvey was aged 25, born November, 1886; Mary Harvey was aged 17, born June, 1894.

James Coffin Geddes later married, in 1858, Isabella Gilkinson who was born 1839. At the time of the 1881 census, the family was living in Hamilton. James Coffin Geddes was a banker, aged 66, born 1815; his wife Isabella was aged 42; their daughter Esabella Elizabeth Henriette Geddes was aged 22, born 1859. James Coffin Geddes died August 3, 1891.

Marianne Lee Wyatt Geddes

Marianne Lee Wyatt, wife of James Coffin Geddes was buried at Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, Ontario.

5. Charlotte Wyatt arrived in New York with her family in October, 1843 at the age of 12.

6. Grace Agnes Wyatt was born 1833 in England. Grace arrived in New York with her family in October, 1843 at the age of 9. At the time of the 1861 census, she was living with her parents; she was a labourer, her age given as 26. Her marriage at the age of 29 was announced in The Hamilton Evening Times on Tuesday, June 24, 1862. "On the 19th inst. at St. Matthew's Church, on the Plains, Flamboro' East, by the Rev. Richard Flood; father of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. J. G. D. Mackenzie and Dr. Greene, Richard Flood, Esq., of Richmond Hill, C. W. to Grace Agnes, daughter of Henry Wyatt Esq., Herberton Cottage, Flamboro East."

Richard Flood was born 1836 to Reverend Richard and Frances Flood, and was 26 at the time of his marriage. An interesting sign concerning Reverend Richard Flood is erected at the former site of Christ Anglican Church at Delaware, Ontario, where a cemetery exists at 2652 Gideon Rd., Delaware. "In 1793, local townsperson Ebenezer Allan was successful in obtaining a licence to settle on 2000 acres at Delaware. It was stipulated that Allan was to erect saw and gristmills, and a church. While the mills were built immediately, the church was left unfinished, and pioneers had to worship at home. Dr. Oliver Tiffany offered a site for a church and on August 11, 1834, one acre of land was given to the town for the purpose of erecting an Episcopal Church. Reverend Richard Flood of the Church of Ireland arrived in 1833 after a cholera epidemic. A new brick church was built in 1885. As the congregation became smaller, the church closed and, sadly, was demolished in 1999." At the time of the 1881 census, the family was living at Newmarket, Ontario. Richard Flood was a banker and broker, aged 45; Grace Flood was also aged 45. Their children were Walt Flood, a bank clerk aged 18; Flora Flood, aged 15; Henry Flood, aged 12; Frances Flood, aged 7; Charles Flood, aged 5; and Edward Flood who was 5 months and was born November, 1880. An article appeared in a publication called History of Toronto and county of York, where biographical sketches of various notable people are outlined. Regarding Richard Flood, the following is written, "R. Flood, manager of Loan Company, Newmarket, is a native of Middlesex County, Ontario. He was born in 1836, and acquired his education in London, Ontario. In 1862, Mr. Flood came to York County, and locating at Richmond Hill, commenced business as a general merchant, which he continued for four years. He then went to Manitoba and after a stay of nine years, returned to York County, and taking up his residence in Newmarket commenced the banking business under the style of R. Flood & Co. Mr. Flood subsequently became Managing Director of the Provincial Real Estate and Loan Company, which was established in 1881, the President being James J. Pearson, Registrar of the North Riding. Mr. Flood married Grace Agnes Wyatt, of Hamilton City, in 1862; they have a family of six children, four sons and two daughters.

7. Frank or Frances Wyatt was born July 11, 1835 according to the 1841 census of England. Frances arrived in New York with his family in October, 1843 at the age of 8. At the time of the census of 1861, Frances' age was given as 25. Frank Wyatt married Catherine Davis, born Sept 25, 1842. They had a daughter, Catherine Isabel Wyatt, who was born July 4, 1873 in Louth, Lincoln. Her name was changed later after being registered, to Catherine Mabel Wyatt. On August 12, 1891, Catherine Mabel Wyatt married Daniel Warren Thompson, born June 1868, at Port Dalhousie, Ontario. Catherine's parents were Catherine and Frank Wyatt. Daniel's parents were Andrew and Sarah Thompson. At the time of the 1911 census, Daniel Thompson was aged 42, Catherine Wyatt Thompson was aged 37. Their children were Mary, born 1892, aged 18; Helen born 1896, aged 15; Ruby born 1911, aged 6 months, and Daniel's widowed mother Sarah, aged 69 years, born October, 1941. Ruby Thompson died unmarried at Jordan, Ontario, and her estate consisted of many treasured Wyatt family books and sheet music, which were sold to collectors.

On August 18, 1888, Frank Wyatt died at the age of 52 in Lincoln county. By the time of the 1901 census, Frank Wyatt had died, and Catherine was widowed, aged 58. Four children remained at home as follows: Emma, born March 4, 1878, aged 23; Frank or Francis born Oct 20, 1879; Stanley born May 31, 1883, aged 17; and Mariah Mabel born November 23, 1885, aged 15.

8. Charles F. Wyatt arrived in New York in October, 1843 at age 7. At the time of the 1861 census, Charles age was given as 23, born 1838. He died a farmer on June 26, 1883 in Lincoln County at the age of 44.

Charles Wyatt

Charles Wyatt

9. Maria E. Wyatt arrived in New York in October, 1843 at age 6. At the time of the 1861 census, Mariah was aged 24, born 1837.

10. Flora Louisa Wyatt was born 1839. Flora arrived in New York with her family in 1843 at the age of 4. At the time of the 1861 census, Flora was aged 21, a labourer living with her parents and other family members. At the time of the 1871 census, Flora is living with her parents and her age is given as 24. At the time of the 1881 census, Flora was living with her sister Helen in Hamilton, and one female servant. She gave her age as 36 at the time of her marriage to George Albert Smith, of Barrie Ontario on June 1, 1882. George was aged 27 at the time of his marriage. He was a bank clerk and the son of Benjamin Walker Smith and Mary Tyson Smith. Witnesses at the wedding were W. B. Johnson, Frank Wyatt, and Helen Wyatt, all of Hamilton.

Flora Wyatt

Flora Louisa Wyatt

11. Helen Elizabeth Wyatt was baptized May 29, 1841 at Long Ditton and Tolworth, Surrey. She arrived in New York in October, 1843 at age 2. At the time of the 1861 census, Ellen was aged 19, living with her parents and other family members. A newspaper in Hamilton, Ontario reported on May 28, 1868 the following: "NEW MUSIC "La Favorite Galop" composed by Miss Helen Wyatt, and dedicated to the Burlington Boat Club of Hamilton. Published by P. Grossman, James St. Hamilton. This composition is a charming little piece, and having a local interest, will no doubt become exceedingly popular." At the time of the 1871 census, Helen's age is given as 22, and she is living with her parents. At the time of the 1881 census, Helen was living with her sister, Flora L. Wyatt, in Hamilton, Ontario. Helen is aged 38, and Flora is aged 36. A female servant lived with the sisters. Helen died unmarried, and is buried with her parents at St Matthews Anglican Church, East Flamboro, Burlington, Ontario.

Henry and Emma Wyatt and their family came to Canada after arriving in New York October 16, 1843. They intended to become inhabitants of Canada, and settled in Aldershot. In 1847, the Wyatt family built a home called Herberton House. Originally a farmhouse, the home was made of the finest materials. The floors are made of thick pine boards and the glass windows were imported from England, while the woodwork was carved by hand. This beautiful home can still be found at 164 Townsend Avenue East, Burlington, Ontario. Herberton was named for Henry and Emma's grandson, Herbert Marsh.

Herbert Marsh

Herbert Marsh, after whom Herberton was named. Grandson to Henry and Emma Wyatt.

At the time of the 1861 census, Herbert Marsh was at school, aged 12, born 1849. He went to school with his cousin, Hugh Cossart Baker, aged 14. At the age of 22, Thomas Herbert Marsh married Agnes Amelia Towers, aged 19. Herbert Marsh was a merchant in Toronto. They married January 9, 1872 in Hamilton. One daughter, Amy Rogers Lynette Marsh was born December 13, 1872 in York County. Another daughter, May Lillian Marsh, was born April 5, 1879 in Lincoln county.

The Wyatts wished to have a church nearer their home, and in 1849 they began to plan for a new church to be built on Plains Road. The first donation came from Lord Bayning and some land was donated by the Wyatt family. In 1860, stone was purchased for the foundation and the new church, called St. Matthew's Anglican Church, Aldershot opened in 1861. The church was also known as "Wyatt's Chapel of Ease". This church is now known as The Church of St. Matthew (on-the-plains) in Burlington, Ontario.

Henry Wyatt died a gentleman at the age of 74 on June 13, 1871. He had been ill for 3 months with pneumonia. An obituary was published as follows: "On the 18th inst. in his house on George St. Hamilton, Henry Wyatt, Esq. of Herberton in the 75th year of his age. The funeral will take place from his late residence and will proceed to the burial ground of St. Matthews Church, East Flamboro, on Friday next at 3:00 p.m."

Emma Wyatt died August 4, 1878 at the age of 77 years. She had been ill with sebility for 5 weeks at the time of her death. An obituary was published as follows: " On the 4th inst. at 147 St. James St. S., Hamilton, Emma, widow of the late Henry Wyatt, aged 79 years. The funeral will leave her late residence at 2:30 p.m. on Tues the 6th inst. for the Church of the Ascension, and thence to St. Matthews Church, East Flamboro, for interment."