Walter Patterson

Eldest Son of George Patterson and Ann Marigold Patterson

George Patterson and Ann Marigold were married on March 13, 1809 at St. Botolph's Church, Without Aldersgate, in London. Ann was a native of Worcester, Worcestershire, England; George was a native of Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. Private George Patterson moved around the south of England with the 37th Regiment of Foot, and his wife Ann apparently moved with him. Walter was born, and was baptized at Horsham, St Mary, West Sussex, England, on June 10, 1810. This was a temporary location for the 37th Regiment of Foot at the time. At some point, Walter was left in the care of Ann's parents, John and Ann Marigold, in London as she went to Gibraltar with her husband George. George had been wounded in the Peninsular War, and Ann nursed him back to health. Later, in 1814 George and Ann were brought to America to assist with defending British interests against possible aggression by the United States on borders that were set after the War of 1812. In 1816, George Patterson received his land grant in Lanark county; he and Ann remained in Canada for the rest of their lives.

Baptism Record For Walter Patterson

Baptism Record of June 10, 1810 for Walter Patterson from St. Mary, Horsham, West Sussex, England

According to family oral history, when George and Ann left England, they left behind a son, Walter, with her parents in London, England. Walter Patterson came over to Canada to join the rest of his family when he was about 14. Walter is also mentioned in the will of Ann Marigold Patterson, which was prepared in September, 1865, as an heir to her estate. Ann Marigold Patterson died in 1867, at which time Walter would have been about 57 years old.

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