Walter Patterson

Son of George Patterson and Ann Marigold Patterson

According to the above obituary, George and Ann Marigold Patterson had eight children. According to family oral history, when George and Ann left England, they left behind a son, Walter, with her parents in London, England. Walter Patterson came over to Canada to join the rest of his family when he was about 14. He is also mentioned in the will of Ann Marigold Patterson.

In the 1881 census of Ontario, there are three Walter Pattersons who could be a match for George and Ann's son, although there is no proof he was alive at this point or even living in Ontario. There is a Walter Patterson, age 72, born in 1809 in Scotland, living in Peterborough, Peterborough West, Ontario, a farmer and a Presbyterian. His wife is Ellin, age 60, born in Scotland, a Presbyterian. There is a Walter Patterson, age 68, born in 1813 in Scotland, married, living in Easthope, Perth North, a farmer, United Presbyterian. Finally, there is a Walter Patterson, aged 70, born in Scotland in 1811, a laborer, member of Church of England, living with his wife Ellen, age 55, born in Ontario, a Presbyterian.

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