Richard or John Patterson

Son of George Patterson and Ann Marigold Patterson

Of the living children mentioned in Ann Marigold Patterson's obituary (six sons and two daughters), we can only account for Charles, Walter, James, Ephraim, George, Janet, and Eliza. If Ann's obituary is correct, there is another son who might be John, as John was mentioned in the 1819 Census.

On the 1819 census of Bathurst Township, Ann and George Patterson are shown with three children: Janet, Charles and John. However, John was excluded from Ann Marigold Patterson's will of September 20th, 1865. Family history records recorded by Ann Marigold Patterson's granddaughter, Matilda Marigold Patterson Bowland, and shared with me by Mary Mark Ockerbloom, indicate that one son was named Richard. In addition, William M. Grier Jr. mentions a son named Richard in his book, "The Griers Pioneers in America and Canada 1816 - 1991."

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