Janet Patterson

Daughter of George Patterson and Ann Marigold Patterson

Janet, daughter of George and Ann Marigold Patterson was christened August 24, 1817, at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Perth by Rev. Wm. Bell. She was referred to as Jennet Allan by her mother, Ann Patterson in Ann's will of 1865. Janet married Andrew Allan in 1848. Andrew was born on Wolfe Island on July 31, 1826, to William and Eleanor Davies Allan.

William and Eleanor Davies Allan

Parents of William Allan who married Janet Patterson

William and Eleanor Davies were married on August 2, 1825. William was born about 1791 in Perthshire, Scotland and emigrated to Canada in 1820. Eleanor was born on Wolfe Island, in 1803, of United Empire Loyalist parents. After living briefly on Wolfe Island, the family moved to Balderson. William and Eleanor Allan had ten children; 3 sons and seven daughters. Andrew Allan was the eldest, born 1826. Andrew's siblings were Susannah Allan (1829-1909), Jane Allan (1831-1919), Eleanor Allan (1834-1910), William Fenwick Allan (1837-1897), Hannah Allan (1839-1907), John F. Allan (1839-1890), Helen or Jemima Allan (1840-1890), Margaret Allan (1841-1934), and Ann D. Allan (1844-1911). William died at his residence in Balderson's Corners, Drummond Tp. at age 76 April 26, 1868 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Perth. Eleanor died at Balderson at age 87 on Feb. 8, 1890 and is also buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Perth. (Information courtesy of Stephen L. Gray)

Andrew Allan lived near Perth, and later moved to Balderson Corners. Janet and Andrew owned a farm where they lived in a large red brick home. The Allans had 3 daughters and 4 sons: Annie Marigold (January 30, 1849 - August 9, 1930), William Hiram (September 19, 1850 - August 9, 1936), Eleanor Davis (March 18, 1853), George Constantine (January 19, 1855 - May 5, 1931), Marshall Henry (May 12, 1857 - September 29, 1923), Norman Grier (March 21, 1859 - April 23, 1936), and Adaline Eliza (July 21, 1963 - July 30, 1862). The above information is from the book, The Griers: Pioneers in America and Canada, 1816 - 1991, by William M. Grier, Jr.

The 1880 census for Drummond, Lanark South, Ontario reveals that Andrew Allan was a farmer, aged 53. The religion for the whole family was Presbyterian. His wife Jennet was aged 62. Their son William Allan was aged 30, also a farmer. His wife Adeline was aged 25. William and Adeline Allan had 3 children; Ethel Allan, aged 5; Adeline Allan, aged 2, and Laura Allen, less than one year.

From The Lanark Era, Wednesday, April 29, 1898: On Tuesday, 26th April, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Allan celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They were married on the 26th April, 1848 by Rev. Michael Harris of Perth. They took up residence at Balderson where they have remained. They have six children, four of whom are in the United States, 34 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Obituary of Janet Patterson Allan

Perth Courier February 1, 1901

Mrs. Andrew Allan--After some months' illness, from dropsy and the weight of years, Mrs. Andrew Allan, of Balderson, departed this life on Wednesday night, 23rd January, at the age of 83 years. Deceased was born in Brockville in 1816, her maiden name being Janet Patterson, and she was a sister of Mr. James Patterson of this town. Her father, an old soldier in the British Army, was present at the Battle of Waterloo, and came to Canada to settle, staying for a little time at Brockville on his way to Bathurst, in this county. In 1848 deceased was married by the Rev. Michael Harris, Anglican minister, Perth, to Mr. Andrew Allan of Balderson (Drummond) who with five children, survive: Ann (Mrs. Breese), Eleanor, William, George and Norman. The funeral took place to Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, on Friday. Rev. J.B. McInraith, Presbyterian pastor, conducting the services.

The 1901 census for Drummond, Lanark South reveals that Andrew Allan was living with his son William Hiram Allan and his wife Adeline Allan, and their six children. Andrew Allan was aged 73, born July 31, 1827, widowed, retired farmer.

Obituary of Andrew Allan

Perth Courier, August 16,1907

An old and respected resident of Balderson died on Friday last in the person of Mr. Andrew Allan. Mr. Allan had been in failing health for some time and about two weeks ago suffered a paralytic stroke. He was born in Kingston 81 years ago and after a short residence on Wolfe Island the family came to Balderson. His father William Allan settled on the farm now occupied by Mr. J.A.D. McLean. Deceased was married sixty years ago to Janet Patterson and of the family six are living: Marshall, Ogden, Utah; George, Keewatin; Norman, Idaho; William H., Balderson; Mrs. Breese and Mrs. Staley, Montpelier, Idaho. Mr. Allan founded a homestead in Drummond it being the farm now occupied by his son William H. Five sisters survive, one sister, Mrs. G. L. Walker, died on June 26 last. Mr. Allan was a man of decided opinions and a staunch Conservative. The funeral took place on Thursday to Elmwood Cemetery and was conducted under the auspices of the Masons. Over 50 members of the Perth craft and representatives from Sharbot Lake were present in a body.

Another obituary was published in the Carleton Place Herald August 20, 1907 An aged and respected resident of Balderson died on Friday last in the person of Andrew Allan. Mr. Allan had been failing for some time and about two weeks ago suffered a paralytic stroke. He was born in Kingston 81 years ago and after a short residence on Wolfe Island the family came to Balderson. His father, William Allan, settled on the farm now occupied by J.A.D. McLean. Deceased was married sixty years ago to Janet Patterson, and of the family six are living: Marshall of Ogden, Utah; George of Keewatin; Norman of Idaho; William H. of Balderson; Mrs. Bresee and Mrs. Staley of Montpelier, Idaho. Mr. Allan founded a homestead in Drummond, it now being occupied by his son, William H. Five sisters survive; one sister, Mrs. G.L. Walker, died on June 26 last.

Annie Marigold Allan Bresee

Daughter of Janet Patterson and Andrew Allan

Annie was born on January 30, 1849 and died on August 10, 1930. She married Jonas Nichols Bresee or Breese on August 5, 1871. The marriage of the eldest child of Janet and Andrew Allan was reported in the Perth Courier, August 11, 1871 as follows: Breese-Allan—Married, on Sat., 5th Aug. at the residence of the bride’s father, Balderson, by the Rev. W.A. Caldwell, Mr. J. N. Breese to Annie M. Allan, eldest daughter of Andrew Allan all of Balderson. While the name of Annie's husband and descendants appears in many of the newspaper articles spelled "Breese", in many other official documents, including census records and cemetery monuments, the spelling is "Bresee."

From the Perth Courier, September 27, 1872: "Birth, at Balderson, on the 5th September, the wife of J. N. Breese, cheesemaker, of a daughter." This daughter was named Carrie Bresee.

Annie and Jonas Bresee are recorded on the 1880 census in Box County, Brigham City, Utah. Jonas is aged 37, born 1843 in Canada. His wife Annie is aged 28, born 1852 in Canada and her occupation is that she keeps house. Six children live in the household; four born in Canada and two in Utah. The children are Carrie, aged 8, born 1872 in Canada; Maude, aged 6, born 1874 in Canada; Geo. Mc., aged 5, born 1875 in Canada; Mabel aged 3, born 1877 in Canada; a daughter named Georgie V. aged 1, born 1879 in Utah; and Alan Bresee aged 1, born 1879 in Utah.

Jonas Nichols Bresee died Nov. 27, 1898, and is buried in Montpelier, Idaho Cemetery, From the Perth Courier, December 23, 1898: "News has come to Balderson on the death of Jonas N. Breese in Utah territory. The cause of death was blood poisoning resulting from a hurt received by being struck with a chunk of coal while working among it. Deceased came from the County of Leeds and in 1871 erected the first cheese factory built in the county of Lanark. He was married about that time to Annie Allan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Allan of Balderson. His death will be regretted by his old friends in this vicinity."

On the 1900 Census for Bear Lake County, Idaho, Annie Bresee appears, head of household, born January, 1851, widow and the mother of ten children, nine living, immigrated to the U.S. 1878, born in Canada. The following children are in Ann's household: Allan A. Bresee, son, born March, 1881, 19 years old, single, born Utah, brakeman on the railroad; Dewitt O. Bresee, son, born Jan., 1882, 18 years old, born Idaho, boiler washer on the railroad; Blanche M., daughter, born August, 1886, aged 13, born Idaho; Hazel E., daughter, born August, 1888, aged 11, born Idaho; Edmund C. Rivers, grandson, born October, 1894, born Idaho, aged 6. The next household is headed by Peter Bresee, who was Annie Bresee's son. He was born in 1875 in Canada, 25 years of age, immigrated 1880, naturalized and working as a brakeman on the railroad. His wife is Elsie H., born 1878, aged 22, was born in Nebraska; her father was born in New York, her mother born in Illinois. They have 2 children, a daughter named Eloise, born December, 1897 and a son, who was unnamed at the time of the census, two months old, both children born in Idaho.

Regarding the grandchild who lived with Annie Bresee in 1900, the Western States Marriage Index shows Edmund Earl Rivers of Blackfoot married Helma Maud Breese of Montpelier in Bingham County, Idaho, Pocatello, on the 25th December, 1891. Information received from a descendant, Polly Jones, indicates that a transcription error occurred regarding the name of the bride. Dr. Edmund Earl Rivers married Helen Maud Bresee of Montpelier. Their son, Edmund Clanton Rivers was born October 31, 1892. Although the 1900 census shows he was born 1894, his marriage certificate and military records show the birth year as 1892.

Annie Allan Breese married a second time to Joseph E. Toner. They married Bannock County, Idaho, Pocatello, on Sept. 16, 1909. On the 1910 Census for Bear Lake County, Idaho, West Montpelier, the head of the household is Joseph E. Toner, aged 51, born New York, father and mother Irish, works as superintendent on the railroad; his wife Annie M., aged 59, married two years, mother to ten children, eight living; Blanche Hale, Annie's daughter, aged 23; Annie M., Annie's granddaughter, aged one year, six months. The 1920 census for East Montpelier Precinct, Bear Lake County, Idaho, lists Joseph E. Toner as the head of the household, aged 59, of Irish descent and his occupation is locomotive engineer. His wife, Annie Marigold Toner is aged 70, born in Canada. A granddaughter, Flower Toner lived in the household. She is aged 11, born in Idaho. The 1930 census for Bear Lake County, Idaho, Montpelier shows that Annie Marigold Toner is recorded as Jennie M. Toner, owns her home, value $2500, 81, a widow, age at first marriage 22. Born in Canada, parents born in Canada. Also in the household is Connie M., aged 20, single, adopted daughter. "Jennie" says she was naturalized in 1885. Annie Marigold Toner died in August, 1930 and is buried with her first husband, Jonas Nichols Bresee in Montpelier Cemetery, Idaho.

The children of Annie Marigold Allan and Jonas Nichols Bresee were:

Carrie Eleanor Bresee

Carrie Eleanor was born 1872 in Balderson, Ontario, Canada. Carrie E. Bresee married John E. Davenport in Bear Lake County, Idaho, Montpelier on October 26, 1887. John Edward Davenport was born October 13, 1855, and he died, September 16, 1935 at Canyon County, City of Nampa.

Helena Maud Bresee Rivers

Maude Bresee

Maude Bresee
Photo courtesy of Polly Jones

Maude was born September 27, 1873 in Canada. She married Dr. Edmund Earl Rivers on December 25, 1891 in Bingham County, Idaho. Their son, Edmund Clanton Rivers was born October 31, 1892. Dr. Edmund Earl Rivers died February 12, 1895. His death was reported in the Pocatello, Idaho Tribune of February 23, 1895. "Dr. E. E. Rivers Dead A Widely Known Physician Passes Away at Rexburg From a Complication of Diseases. Dr. E. E. Rivers of Rexburg died at that place on the 12th inst. from a complication of diseases. Dr. Edmund Earle Rivers was known all over the state from an unfortunate homicide at Montpelier in which he was one of the principals about three years ago. He was born in Scott County, Tennessee November 28, 1861. Graduated in the medical and surgical college, Joplin, Mo. He moved to Idaho in August, 1889, locating in Bear Lake County, where he resided until three years ago when he moved to Rexburg with his wife, Miss Maude Bresee, whom he married in Pocatello while on his way here. He leaves a young wife and a two year old son."

On September 27, 1900, Helen Maud Rivers married for the second time to Clifford Sidney Potter. They married at Salt Lake City, Utah. At the time of the 1910 census, Helen Maude and Clifford Sidney Potter lived in Ogden, Utah. He was aged 37, born in England and had come to the U.S. in 1890. He was a restaurant operator and owned his own business. At that time, Helen Maud was aged 36. Living with them was Helen Maud's son Edmund C. Rivers, aged 17. Helen Maud Potter married a third time to a man named John Albert Hoffbuhr. They married at Paris, Bear County, Idaho on September 16, 1914. By 1920, Clifford Potter had also married again. His family was living at Weber County, Utah, Pleasant View Township. He was 47, and had a 25 year old wife Evelyn, and several children. Records of the Ogden City Cemetery show Clifford Sidney Potter, born July 14, 1873 in England and died Feb. 10, 1940 at the age of 66.

On January 3, 1918, Edmund Clanton Rivers and his wife, Mary Blamire Robinson gave birth to twin daughters at the University of California Hospital in San Francisco, California. Edmund was an iron worker at Union Iron Works at the time of his daughters' births. Mary was born in Oregon and Edmund was born in Idaho. The daughters were named Edna Rivers and Helena Virginia Rivers. At the time of the 1920 census for Sparks City, Washoe, Nevada, Edmund Clanton Rivers was aged 27, a hardware store clerk, married to Mary, aged 25, who was born in Oregon. They had twin daughters, Edna and Helen, both born in California. Their ages at the time of the census was 2. Edmund Robinson and Maranda Hadley Robinson were Mary's parents and the grandparents of the twin daughters. When the twin girls were aged about three, their names were legally changed. Edna's name was changed to Margaret Edmunda Rivers, and Helena's name was changed to Mary Helena Rivers. The twins were then known as Peggy and Polly. Affidavits for the correction of a record in the State of California were filed by Mary Blamire Carter on October 21, 1935, and new birth certificates were produced for Mary Helena Rivers and Margaret Edmunda Rivers.

Maude Bresee married a fourth time to Howard Nanson. She died January 4, 1960 and was known as Maud Helen Nanson at the time of her death. Her husband died just two days prior. They had been living at Valley View Nursing Home, Lava Hot Springs. An obituary was published as follows: "Man, Wife Die Two Days Apart. A former Pocatello couple, Howard Raymond Nanson and his wife Maude Helen died within two days of each other at a Lava Hot Springs rest home. Howard Raymond Nanson, 60, died Saturday night and Maude Helen Nanson, 86, died early today, both after long illnesses. Mr. Nanson operated the Nanson Cleaners here for a number of years with his brother, Edward L. Nanson. he opened the business in 1934 and retired in 1952 due to ill health. Mr. Nanson was born January 8, 1899 at Helena Mont., the son of Samuel J. and Mollie McKey Nanson. The family moved to Boise and he received his education there. Mrs. Nanson was born in Canada on September 27, 1873, the daughter of Jonas and Annie Bresee. She lived in Ogden, Utah and Montpelier before coming to Pocatello in 1930. Mr. Nanson moved to Pocatello in 1918 and worked for the Troy Parisian Cleaners and later the Amphlett Chevrolet Co. They were married in 1934 in Pocatello. Mr. Nanson was a member of Portneuf Lodge 18, A.F. and A.M., the Pocatello Scottish Rite Bodies, the El Korah Temple in Boise, and the B.P.O. Elks Lodge 6674. Mrs. Nanson is survived by a sister in law, Mrs. Mattie Bresee, Pocatello. Mr. Nanson is survived by two brothers, Edward L., Pocatello, and Elmer J., Spokane, Wash. Funeral services for both Mr. and Mrs. Nanson will be Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Downard Funeral Chapel with Rev. V. Leon Bolen, Pocatello First Methodist Church officiating. Rose Croix Services will be conducted by the Scottish Rite Bodies. Graveside services will be in Mount Moriah Cemetery under direction of Downard Funeral Home."

Peter Leopold McIntyre Bresee

Peter Leopold McIntyre was born 1875 in Canada. He married Elsie H.Chapman, born 1878 in Nebraska, on March 31, 1896 at Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho. Peter was a brakeman on the railroad and living at Bear Lake County, Idaho during 1900. They had 2 children, a daughter named Eloise, born December, 1897 and a son Frank who was born 1900 in Idaho. Between 1900 and 1903, Peter and Elsie must have divorced as Elsie married a Danish man named Christian P. Nelson on July 30, 1903 at Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho. By 1910, Elsie and Chris Nelson were living in La Grande City, Union County, Oregon. Elsie was 32 years of age and Chris was 38, and a railroad worker. The children of Peter and Elsie, Frank and Eloise Bresee lived in the family home along with three children from Chris' previous marriage. A Peter Bresee married Lillie Belle Hartly, Bannock County, Pocatello on March 31, 1917. By 1920, Elsie and Chris Nelson had neither Eloise nor Frank Bresee living with them at their home in Union County, Oregon. Eloise Bresee married Jessie H. Long in Canyon County, Idaho, city Nampa, on May 27, 1913

Jeanette Mabel Vaughn Bresee

Mabel was born 1876 in Canada.

Georgia Victoria Isabell Bresee

Georgia Victoria Isabell was born 1878 in Utah. Her married name was Georgia Welch or Welsh. She worked at Nanson Cleaners, the dry cleaning business that was owned by her sister Maude and her husband Howard Nanson. In 1960, at the time of Maude's death, Georgia was an employee at the dry cleaning firm.

Andrew Allan Bresee

Allan was born March 14, 1880 in Utah. In 1900, he was aged 19, living at Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho, and a brakeman on the railroad. Andrew Allan Bresee, died at Bannock County, Idaho, Pocatello on April 30, 1945. From the Idaho State Jounal, April 8, 1971, "Martha Elizabeth Bresee, 88, 118 Trailcreek, died Wednesday at Bannock Memorial Hospital after an illness. She was born May 29, 1882 to William and Valeria Reese Andrews. She received her education there and was married to Allen A. Bresee at Georgetown, Idaho May 29, 1903. They lived in Montpelier before coming to Pocatello in 1907, and she has lived here ever since. Mr. Bresee died here in 1945. Survivors include a son, Dr. J. E. Bresee with whom she made her home; two grandchildren, two step-grandchildren; 14 great grandchildren, and a brother Lew Andrews, Logan. Burial will be in the family plot at Mountainview Cemetery under the direction of Downard Funeral Home." From the Idaho State Journal, March 11, 1974, "Mildred Ila Knight Bresee, 73, of 645 N. Main, a longtime Pocatello resident, died at Twin Falls Hospital Sunday after a lengthy illness. Born Aug 11, 1900 at Havre, Mont., she was the daughter of Moses and Sarah Johnson. She came to Idaho with her family in 1909, living at Lewisville, and later at Roberts. She came to Pocatello in 1930 and lived here ever since. She was married to Henry Knight in 1921, and he died 1936. On July 24, 1937, she married Dr. Joseph E. Bresee of Pocatella. A well known local dentist, Dr. Bresee died here Oct 11, 1972. Survivors include two sons, Robert Knight of Twin Falls, and Eldon Bresee, of Denver, Colorado, 2 daughters, Mrs Sally Woods of Seattle, Wash., and Mrs. Elsie Noxon, of Ketchum, Idaho, 9 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, 3 brothers and a sister. A daughter, 2 brothers, 3 sisters preceded her in death. Burial will be in the family plot at Mountainview Cemetery under the direction of Downard Funeral Home."

Dewitt Owen Bresee

Dewitt Owen was born January, 1882 in Utah. In the 1900 census, he was aged 18, living at Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho, and a boiler washer for the railroad. At the 1910 census for Humboldt City, Nevada, Dewitt O. was aged 25, married, born in Idaho. His wife Bertha was 20, born in Wyoming. Dewitt was a locomotive engineer. The 1920 census for Elko, Nevado shows that Dewitt was 37 years of age, married to Bertha who was aged 28. Dewitt Bresee was an engineer on the steam railroad.

Ruby Ray Bresee

Ruby Ray was born 1883 in Idaho. Ruby Ray Bresee died March 11, 1895, buried in Montpelier, Idaho Cemetery.

Blanche Marigold Bresee Hale

Blanche Marigold was born August, 1886 in Idaho. Blanche Bresee married Frank M. Sornsen or Sorensen in Bannock County, Idaho, Pocatello on April 1, 1905. Later Blanche married Charles Edward Hale in Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Utah. This marriage shows the bride's name as Blanche Samsen. By the time of the 1910 Census it appears that Blanche was widowed twice. The records for Bear Lake County, Idaho, West Montpelier, show Blanche Hale aged 23, was living with her mother and stepfather. Presumably Annie M., the granddaughter, aged one year and six months was the daughter of Blanche.

Hazel Edith Bresee

Hazel Edith was born August, 1888 in Idaho. Hazel Bresee married Louis Berka in Paris, Bear Lake County, Idaho, on May 16, 1908.

William Hiram Allan

Son of Janet Patterson and Andrew Allan

William Hiram Allan was born September 29, 1850 and he died August 9, 1936.

Mr. William Allan married Adeline Whyte who was born April 12, 1855. The 1911 census shows that William and Adaline Whyte lived with their son, Roy, aged 21, who was born March 1890, and Mrs. Whyte's mother, Anora Whyte, who was born in Scotland, December, 1836. The Perth Courier published a portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Allan on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary. The article followed, in the issue of August 21, 1925. "Mr. and Mrs. William Allan, Wilson Street West, celebrated their golden wedding on August 9th and received hearty congratulations from their numerous friends and acquaintances. Mr. and Mrs. Allan are still hale and hearty and enjoying the best of health. On August 9th, 1875, Mr. William Allan, who was born at Balderson in 1850, was married to Miss Adeline Whyte, also of Balderson by Rev. R. L. Stephenson in St. James Anglican rectory, the present residence of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hall, Drummond Street west. Mr. and Mrs. Allan resided on the Allan farm at Balderson until 1922 when they moved to Perth to live a retired life. Their family consists of Mrs. A. H. Croft of Middleville, Mrs. W. G. Jones of Grand Valley, Mrs. J. Horrocks of Perth, Mr. Harry M. Allan of Kenora, Mr. Roy W. Allan of Rossington, Alberta. Two of the family, Mrs. D. P. Russet, and Glen Allan, are deceased."

Ten years later, Mr. and Mrs. Allan celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. Again the Perth Courier published a portrait of the couple, along with an article in its issue of August 9, 1935. The article states that "one of Mr. Allan's chief hobbies in years gone by was quoit playing but in recent years turned to bowling, belonging to the Perth club and playing well. The family consists of Mrs. A. H. Croft of Middleville; Mrs. W. G. Jones of Toronto; Mrs. John Horrocks of Perth; Harry M. Allan of Calgary; and Roy W. Allan of Manola, Alberta, all of whom will be present at the family reunion at 77 Wilson Street together with five granddaughters, six grandsons and the following guests: Mrs. Allison Clendenning and Mrs. George Wilson of Niagara Falls, New York; Miss Susie Eagleson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith, and Miss Marion Robb of Ottawa; Mrs. H.M. Allan and son Donald of Calgary; Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Allan of Manola, Alberta."

Mr. William H. Allan died August, 1936. The obituary was published in the Perth Courier August 14, 1936 as follows:"After a few weeks illness following a paralytic stroke, there passed to his rest a well known citizen of Perth, in the person of W. H. Allan of Wilson Street. The late Mr. Allan was 86 years of age and the last member of a family of seven sons and a daughter of the late Andrew Allan and his wife Janet Patterson. He resided on the Allan farm at Balderson where he was born, until 1922 having at that time sold his farm and moved with Mrs. Allan to reside in Perth. Mr. Allan was a member of the Presbyterian Church and while at Balderson took an active part in the construction of the church there. He had many exceptional qualities through which he was held in the highest respect and esteem by a wide circle of friends. He was a keen and interested member of the Perth Bowling Club and made many friends among its members. The deceased is survived by his wife Adaline Whyte and together they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in 1935. Three daughters and two sons survive: Mrs. A. H. Croft (Ethel) of Middleville; Mrs. W. G. Jones (Addie) of Toronto; Mrs. Horrocks (Laura) at home; Harry M. of Calgary; and Roy of Manola, Alberta. Two children are deceased, Mrs Russell (Maggie) and Glenn, who died in childhood. The funeral, which was largely attended was held from his residence on Wilson St on Tuesday afternoon. The Rev. D. K. Perrie conducted the services in the absence of his pastor Rev. H. A. Berlis. The pallbearers were Dr. E. H. Wilson, Messrs. Thomas Nichol, W. W. Walker, J. A. D. McLean, R. S. McIntyre, and C.O. Richardson. Among the relatives attending from a distance were Mrs. Williams of Montreal, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bowland and Mrs. Harris of Almonte; Joe and Charles Patterson of Carleton Place and Mr. Murray Walker of Ottawa. The floral tributes received bespoke the high esteem in which the deceased was held."

William's wife Adaline died August 23, 1940 and her obituary was in the August 30, 1940 Perth Courier as follows: "Mrs. W. H. Allan, wife of the late William H. Allan, passed away Wednesday August 23 at her home at 77 Wilson St, Perth, in her 86th year. Mrs. Allan, formerly Adaline Whyte, was a daughter of the late Joshua Whyte and his wife Ann Gallinger of Drummond Township. She was the last surviving member of a family of seven. In 1875 she married William H. Allan of Balderson, where they made their home until 20 years ago when they retired to Perth. Left to mourn her loss are three daughters: Mrs. A. H. Croft; Addie, Mrs. W. G. Jones; and Laura, Mrs. John Horrocks of Perth; and two sons, Harry M. Allan of Calgary and Roy W. Allan of Manola, Alberta. Mrs Allan was predeceased by one son Glen and one daughter Mrs. D. P. Russett. The funeral service, conducted by Rev. Mr. Alp, will be held Friday morning at 11:00 from her home to Elmwood Cemetery. "

The children of William Hiram Allan and Adeline Whyte were:

Ethel Allan Croft McIntyre

Ethel was born in Balderson March 16, 1876. She married Arthur Croft who was born April 7, 1872 to William Croft and Margaret Whyte. The Lanark Era reported that Arthur Croft of Middleville married Miss Ethel Allan of Bathurst on May 22, 1900 at Balderson. At the time of the 1901 census, Arthur Croft was a merchant.

The Lanark Era reports the birth of a son on Saturday May 24th, 1902 at Middleville. The Lanark Era next reports the birth of a daughter on Friday March 4th, 1910 at Middleville. On the 1911 census, Ethel and Arthur are living in Middleville. Arthur is 39 and Ethel is 35. Their two children are William Croft, aged 9 and Margaret Croft, aged one.

Arthur Croft died February, 1939. As the February 24, 1939 issue of the Perth Courier reported his death to be the future date of February 27th, the exact date of Arthur's death is not known. "The passing of Arthur Croft on Tuesday, Feb. 27 came as a shock to his many friends and relatives. His death was due to a severe heart attack and was instantaneous. He was born in Middleville 68 years ago and received his education at Almonte High School and at Belleville Business College. His father, William Croft, was a pioneer of Lanark County whose store, lumber and woolen mills were well known. After his father's death the store and post office were continued by him for many years until he resigned as postmaster having invested in property in the west. He returned after a few years to Middleville where he spent the remainder of his life. He was married in 1900 to Ethel Allan of Balderson and to them were born a son, William, farming at Prestonvale and Margaret, teaching in Toronto. His brothers were Fred, in The Pas, Manitoba; Bert, North Battleford; Dr. L. V. Croft of Middleville; and William of Ottawa, deceased. His sisters are Mrs. (Rev.)J. L. Alexander of Hamilton; Mrs. (Rev.) J. S. McIlraith of Ottawa; Mrs. Moir of Ottawa; Miss Clara of Middleville and Ida, deceased. Interment was from Young's Funeral Parlor on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. to the vault in Lanark."

In 1941 Ethel remarried. From the Perth Courier:" Married, at Perth, On October 18 by Rev. J. R. Dickenson of Balderson, Mrs. Ethel Croft and R. S. Mcintyre of Balderson. Ethel died in 1959; her obituary was in the Thursday August 20th issue of the Perth Courier. "Mrs. Robert S. McIntyre passed away in the Great War Memorial Hospital, Perth, on Sunday, August 9. She was in her 84th year and had been in poor health for one month. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William H. Allan, born at Balderson, Ontario. In 1900 she was united in marriage to Arthur H. Croft, who predeceased her some years ago. Surviving from this marriage are a daughter, Margaret Croft of Toronto, and a son William Croft of Balderson who mourn the loss of a loving mother. In 1941, she was united in marriage to Robert S. McIntyre of Balderson who also predeceased her. Also surviving to mourn her loss are two sisters, Laura (Mrs. G. Woodruff) of Dalhousie Lake, and Addie (Mrs. W. G. Jones) of New Westminster, B. C.; and H. M. Allan of Vancouver, B. C. and two brothers Jay C. of Lanark and Boyd; and R.W. Allan of New Westminster, B.C.; and H. M. Allan of Vancouver B. C. The late Mrs. McIntyre was a member of the United Church in both Middleville and Balderson. She was prominent in church activities, serving in the WMS and Women's Auxiliary. A faithful worker in the Women's Institute, she was a past president of the Lanark W. I. The funeral service took place on Tuesday, August 11 at Young's Funeral Home with Rev. G. D. Empey officiating. Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery, Middleville. Pallbearers were William Nairn, William Affleck, Gordon Somers, Clyde Bulloch, Donald Cameron, and Stewart Cameron.

It is not known why Jay Clayton Allan of Lanark and Boyd was included as a brother to Ethel; he would in fact have been a cousin, as he was the son of Norman Lamont Maughan Allan and Rosella Leishman Allan.

It was noted in the January 14th issue of the Perth Courier that the Allan and Croft families had been honoured in the following way: "A new communion table and communion chairs in solid oak were dedicated on Sunday, December 27 in Balderson United Church. The communion table is a gift of Mrs. G. A. Woodruff of McDonald's Corners in memory of her father and mother, the late Mr. and Mrs. William H. Allan; and the communion chairs are presented to the church by Miss Margaret Croft of Toronto and William Croft of Balderson in honour of their mother, Mrs. R. S. McIntyre."

William Croft and Margaret Croft were the only children of Ethel and Arthur Croft. Margaret was a gifted student in her youth. In the Thursday August 18, 1977 issue of the Perth Courier, under a heading of "Those Were the Good Old Days, Fifty Years Ago"(1927), is the following excerpt. "In this issue appear the results of the recent middle school exams of the Perth Collegiate Institute. Miss Margaret Croft, daughter of Mr and Mrs A. H. Croft of Middleville, heads the list and made a remarkable showing in the examinations, having passed with first class honours in Ancient History, Geometry, French Authors, and German composition; third class honours in Latin Authors, and passed in Physics." There were a series of notices regarding Margaret's decline in health and her death, beginning with an article in the Middleville News section of the Perth Courier Sept 16, 1976. "We are sorry Miss Margaret Croft, B. A. who was visiting her brother Bill was admitted to the GWM Hospital by ambulance." Margaret was apparently transferred to Toronto Hospital as was mentioned in the Perth Courier October 21st. "Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Borrowman were on a trip to western Ontario and on their return called on Miss Margaret Croft in Toronto Hospital where she is quite ill. Her brother Bill was called to her bedside but has returned home."Finally in the December 2, 1976 issue of the Middleville News section came the news of Margaret's death. "Sadness came to our village when word came of the death of Margaret Croft. She was well known to all and was a teacher who taught in many places but in her retirement was living in Toronto. Margaret was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Croft and only sister of Bill Croft. She was a loving friend and a kindly neighbour who will be greatly missed." The formal death notice in the same issue reads as follows:" Died, at Riverdale Hospital, Toronto, on Friday, November 19th, 1976, Margaret Croft, dear sister of William Croft of Middleville."

L. Addie Allan Jones

Addie Allan was born November 10, 1878. She married William Jones, aged 37, resident of Beachburg, born in Sherbrooke Township. He was a merchant, the son of Joseph Jones and Alice Butler, and a member Church of England. Addie L. Allan was born and living at Balderson, a school teacher, aged 28. Her marriage was announced in the Perth Courier on June 19, 1908 as follows: "Married, at Maple Lodge, Balderson, at the home of the bride's parents, on Tuesday, 16th of June, William G. Jones to Addie, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Allan." Also, from the Lanark Era Wednesday June 17, 1908: " Married at Balderson on Tuesday 16th June, Mr. William Jones of Beachburg to Miss Addie L. Allan, second daughter of William Allan of Balderson."

Laura Janette Allan Horrocks Woodruff

Laura was born February 28, 1881. She married John Horrocks of Prestonvale, a farmer, Methodist, aged 26, on July 19, 1910. John was the son of Joseph Horricks, a farmer, and Elizabeth Cameron. Laura J. Allan was aged 27, a school teacher, Presbyterian, living at Balderson. From the Lanark Era, Wednesday July 27 1910: "Married, at Balderson on Tuesday July 19, John Horrocks of Prestonvale to Laura J. Allan, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Allan of Balderson. John Horricks died in 1919.

Later Laura married Dr. G. A. Woodruff. He died suddenly in May 1949. From the Perth Courier, May 5, 1949: " Balderson News: Mrs. R. S. McIntyre is attending the funeral of her brother in law, Dr. G. A. Woodruff of Balm Beach who passed away suddenly on Sunday. Funeral held at Sydenham on Thursday."

From the Perth Courier June 27, 1963: "The many friends and neighbours of Mrs. G. Woodruff of Dalhousie Lake were saddened on Tuesday, June 12, by her sudden death at the Great War Memorial Hospital in Perth. Mrs. Woodruff, who was born in Balderson in 1881 was Laura Janette, third daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Allan. She is survived by one sister, Addie, Mrs. W. G. Jones of Perth and two brothers, Mr Harry M. Allan of Vancouver and Roy W. Allan of North Surrey, B.C. Predeceased were Ethel, Mrs. R. McIntyre, and Maggie, Mrs. D Russet and one brother Glenn. In 1910 she married John Horrocks of Prestonvale who died in 1919. After her second marriage to Dr. Woodruff she lived in Balm Beach, Ontario until his death in 1949. For thirty two years she taught in the schools of Lanark county -- Elphin, Hood's, Althorpe, Drummond Centre, Balderson and Rideau Ferry Road. Her teaching was enriched by extensive travelling and by her broad interests in education. In her later years, Mrs. Woodruff spent much time at her cottage at Dalhousie Lake where she will be long remembered for her friendliness, her generosity, and her keen interest in community affairs. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. C. Empey at Young's Funeral Home in Lanark. Pallbearers were Harry McFarlane, Pulloch McDougall, Raymond Paul, Ivan Rodger, William Dunlop and Hermann Hart. Among the relatives from a distance were R. W. Allan of North Surrey, B. C.; Miss Margaret Croft of Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. George Stevens of Port Credit; and Mrs R. Eagleson of Ottawa. Many flowers and memorial card testified to the esteem in which Mrs. Woodruff was held.

Pearl Maggie Allan Russet

Maggie was born March 18, 1883. Maggie's marriage was announced in the Lanark Era, Wednesday, November 2, 1910. "Married, at Balderson on Tuesday, 1st November, Mr. D. P. Russet of Kars to Miss Maggie Allan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Allan of Balderson."

Maggie died December 28, 1914. An obituary reads, "She was married four years ago last November and leaves three sisters and two brothers; Mrs. A. H. Croft of Middleville; Mrs. W. G. Jones of Beachburg; Mrs. J. Horricks of Prestonvale; Harry M. in Calgary, Roy W. on the homestead. Burial in Elmwood Cemetery, Perth." Maggie was buried December 30, 1914. Another obituary was published in Orillia as follows:"December 28, 1914, Maggie Pearl Allan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Allan, of Balderson, and wife of Mr. D. P. Russet." The obituary reads "Further to the death of Mrs. D. P. Russet. She was married four years ago last November and leaves three sisters and two brothers"

M. Henry Allan

M. Henry was born July 26, 1884. On the 1901 census, he was noted as M. Henry, but in later obituaries, he was Harry M. Allan. A small article appeared in the Lanark Era on Wednesday November 6, 1907. "Married at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario last Wednesday, Harry M. Allan, son of Mr. W. H. Allan of Balderson to Miss Katie Brown of Sault Ste. Marie." In 1910 Harry was of Calgary, Alberta. In 1963, he was of Vancouver, B. C.

Roy William Allan

Roy was born March 26, 1891. Roy William Allan married Olive Jane Watt on May 28, 1913. At that time, Roy was a farmer, aged 23, born and living at Balderson. Olive Jane Watt was aged 19, born in Darling Twp., and was living in Balderson. She was the daughter of Jas. I. Watt and Margaret Miller. Both were Presbyterian. During the years from 1935 to 1940, Roy was of Manola, Alberta. Later, Roy was of North Surrey, B.C. in 1959 at the time of his sister Ethel's death.

Andrew Glenn Allan

Glenn Allan was born August 29, 1899. He died Sunday October 26, 1902 at the residence of his parents. His obituary was published in the Perth Courier on October 31, 1902. "The home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Allan, 7th Line Drummond, was cast into gloom by the sudden death of their youngest son Andrew Glenn, in his fourth year, which occurred last Sunday. What makes the loss to the bereaved parents more sad is the sudden taking of their infant child. On Saturday he was well and lively and helped his father in the turnip field but that evening was taken ill with inflammation of the bowels and the little life fleeted away as Sunday's unsteady sun passed in its orbit from one hemisphere to another. The sudden attack that ended in death, Mr. Allan thinks, was due to the lad eating too many apples. He was the youngest of a family of seven. His oldest brother Harry is now in the Northwest. Mrs. Croft, of Middleville is a sister as is Miss Laura, a school teacher at Watson's Corners. The funeral took place on Tuesday morning to Elmwood Cemetery, the services being conducted by Rev. Mr. McIlraith of Balderson."

Eleanor Davis Allan

Daughter of Janet Patterson and Andrew Allan

Eleanor Davis Allan was born March 18, 1853. Eleanor married Thomas Morris Jr. on December 24, 1873. Thomas Morris was aged 21, of Bastard Township, a yeoman, the son of Thomas and Mary Morris. Eleanor Allan was a resident of Drummond. Later Eleanor married Stephen B. Staley. From the Western States Marriage and Death Indexes, Eleanor married Stephen B. Staley who was born April 20, 1843. Eleanor B. Morris was married May 23, 1887 in Montpelier. Their son, Lester Benton Staley was born July 22, 1892 and died April 4, 1942.

From the 1910 Census of Bear Lake County, Montpelier, Idaho, Stephen Staley is aged 57, doing some type of police work; his wife Eleanor is 54, and their son Lester is 18. Eleanor and Lester were enumerated twice in the 1920 census. In the 1920 census from Los Angeles, California, taken on January 4 and 5, 1920, Eleanor Staley is shown as a widow, aged 66 and her son Lester is still living with her. The census which was taken on January 17 to 19, 1920 for Montpelier, Idaho, shows Eleanor Staley, a widow aged 65, born in Kansas, living with her son Lester, aged 28, born in Idaho. Eleanor Staley is a proprietor of a rooming house and Lester Staley is a barber.

George Constantine Allan

Son of Janet Patterson and Andrew Allan

George Constantine Allan was born January 19, 1855 and died on May 5, 1931. At the 1901 census, at age 46, he was living in Algoma district. George's occupation is that of marine. George's wife, Mary J. Allan was born December 17, 1864 in Manitoba. Her nationality is Cree and she was 36 years of age at the time of the census. Six children lived with the family. They are Alfred C. Allan, age 18, born Aug 18, 1882; Annie E. Allan, age 17, born Feb 25, 1884; Norman Allan, age 14, born May 22, 1886; William H. Allan, age 11, born Mar 27, 1890; Edward A. Allan, age 9, born Oct 30, 1891; Laura C. Allan, age 1, born May 22, 1899. George Allan was in Keewatin as of 1907.

Norman Allan of Rainy River District, Division Ft. Frances, Ontario was married at the age of 21 to Lizzie Linklater, aged 22, and also a resident of Fort Frances. Lizzie was the daughter of Peter and Susan Linklater. They were married on August 26, 1908 at Fort Frances by the Rev. M. Doyle. Norman Allan was an engineer, Presbyterian, the son of Captain George Allan and Mary Jane Allan.

George Constantine Allan of Nelson St, Fort Frances in Red River Township, died May 4, 1931 aged 76 years, 3 months and 16 days. He was of Scotch descent, married and his occupation was mariner. He died of influenza and pneumonia of ten days duration. His father is named as Andrew Allan, born in Scotland, and his mother is named as Janet Patterson, born in Brockville. The informant of George's death was his son Norman Allan.

Marshall Henry Allan

Son of Janet Patterson and Andrew Allan

Marshall Henry Allan was born May 12, 1857 and he died September 29, 1923. From the Lanark Era, June 25, 1902 "On Monday, word was received of the death of Mrs. Marshall Allan of Ogden Utah, sister-in-law of William Allan of Balderson." In 1907, he was of Ogden, Utah and around that time, he remarried. As of the 1910 census for Weber County, Ogden, Utah, M. Allan is 51, labourer with the railroad; his wife Olive B. Allan is aged 50; Fred Allan, stepson, born in Idaho is 18; Mildred, daughter, born in Idaho is 17; and Inez, daughter, born in Idaho is 10 years of age. They had been married 2 years. From the Ogden Standard, Ogden, Utah, July 2, 1913, "BRIDAL COUPLE RETURNS Emmett B. Fredericks with his bride Mildred Allan Fredericks, has returned from a short honeymoon trip to Salt Lake and souther Utah points and they are stopping at the Reed Hotel pending completion of their home arrangements. Many young friends are offering pleasant greetings to the popular young couple." During 1920, Olive B. Allan and Marshall Allan divorced. From the Ogden Standard-Examiner, July 18, 1922, "HOWARD ALLAN CALLED BY DEATH. Howard Allan, 27 years of age, died today of pneumonia at the home of his father Marshall A. Allan, Rio Grande brakeman, 1604 Hudson Ave. Howard Allan had been ill for many months following his discharge from military service, his illness finally causing him to give up his employment in Idaho. He was thought to be well on the road to recovery, however when pneumonia developed a few days ago, he sank rapidly. Mr. Allan was married and his widow survives, also his father and his brother Carl and sister Inez." From the Ogden Standard-Examiner September 30, 1923, "VETERAN R.R. MAN EXPIRES. Marshall Allan dies Suddenly at his home Saturday. Marshall Allan, Western & Rio Grande Western brakeman and former Odgen druggist, died unexpectedly at 11 o'clock Saturday at his home, 1618 Hudson Ave. Mr. Allan worked as usual on Friday in apparent good health. He complained of pains which gradually grew worse. His death was declared to be due to hardening of the arteries. Mr. Allan had been a railroad man for 25 years. Before that time, he was a member of the drug firm of Allan and McNutt. He leaves three children, Inez of Ogden, Carl of St. Anthony, Idaho, and Lawrence of Vernal. The body was taken in charge by Kirkendall's to be prepared for burial."

Norman Grier Allan

Son of Janet Patterson and Andrew Allan

Norman Grier Allan was born March 21, 1859 and he died April 23, 1936 at Logan, Utah. He married Agnes Maughan in October 10, 1881. Agnes was born in Wellsville, Utah on March 19, 1865 and died February 22, 1946 in Wellsville. She was the daughter of Barbara Morgan and William Harrison Maughan. In 1907, they were living in Idaho. At the time of the 1920 census of Cache County, Wellsville, Utah, Norman Allan was aged 58, a farmer, and his wife Agnes was 54. By the 1930 census for Cache County, Utah, Wellsville, Norman Grier Allan is aged 71, owns his home, value $3,000, had married for the first time at age 22, born in Canada, married to Agnes M., aged 65, married at age 16. Norman is the postmaster. They are both buried at Wellsville Cemetery, Utah.

The children of Norman Grier Allan and Agnes Maughan Allan were:

Norman Maughan Allan

Norman Maughan Allan was born 1881 and died that same year on November 26, 1881. He is buried at Wellsville Cemetery.

Ernest M. Allan

Ernest M. Allan was born June 11, 1885 at Wellsville and died November 14, 1903. An obituary for Ernest was published in the Perth Courier on Friday December 4, 1903. "The sad news was received by Mr. Andrew Allan, Balderson of the death of his grandson, Ernest Allan, son of Norman G. Allan, Wellsville, Utah. Many of the residents of this community will remember Norman Allan who was born and brought up on the Allan homestead at Balderson. When a young man he went out West and is now a prosperous merchant of Wellsville City, Utah. The parents have the sympathy of this community in their sad bereavement. The following is copied from a Utah paper: "Ernest Allan, 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Allan, who died on the 14th November, was laid to rest in the Wellsville Cemetery on Monday afternoon. The young man was exemplary in life and greatly beloved. Many Wellsville citizens have been in this office since young Mr. Allan's death and all have taken the opportunity to speak of him in a complimentary way. He was a youth of striking personal characteristics. Although he carried in his breast for the past two years the knowledge of his impending death he bore it with cheerfulness and resignation that was unsurpassed. He was prematurely brilliant, of a most studious turn of mind and books were ever his greatest delight. He was pure of mind, clean in all his words and deeds, and the affection he bore his parents was beautiful to behold. He was high spirited and ambitious and only a few days before his death presented himself before the county school superintendent for a special examination for school teachers and took the highest percentage of all who presented themselves. The funeral was held on Monday afternoon and in many respects was the most remarkable ever held in Wellsville. Preceded by a procession of 16 of his girl cousins, each bearing a wreath and bouquet of flowers, the remains were carried to the church to the solemn strains of a requiem on the organ. Here the casket was completely hidden by a bank of flowers, on the summit of which was a white floral lyre with broken strings."

Norman Lamont Maughan Allan

Lamont was born December 5, 1892 in Paris, Idaho and died June 22, 1975 in Logan, Utah. Lamont married Rosella Leishman in the Salt Lake Temple on September 3, 1913. Rosella was born on September 24, 1892 at Wellsville, Utah, the daughter of Ellen Perkins and John A. Leishman. She died on September 22, 1919. On the 1920 census for Cache County, Wellsville, Utah, Lamont Allan is living with his father in law, John Leishman. He is aged 27, a widower and an automobile salesman. His son is Glenn, aged four and his daughter is Rosella, aged one year and three months. Lamont married secondly Ida Leishman who was the sister of Rosella in the Salt Lake Temple on April 14, 1920. Ida was born April 19, 1899 and she died October 14, 1986. The 1930 census for Wellsville, Cache County, Utah shows Lamont Allan aged 37, owns his home valued at $2,000, born Idaho, father born Canada mother born Utah; Ida Allan, aged 30, born Utah. Lamont is a bookkeeper and he and Ida were both 21 at marriage. Glenn Allan is aged 14, Rosella is aged 11, Jay Clayton is 7, and Lamont Dale, 2. All children born Utah. The children of Lamont and Rosella Allan were: Glenn Allan and Mrs. Rosella Tingey of Clayton. Lamont Allan, and Mrs. Jocelyn Bitters were the children of Lamont Allan and Ida Allan. It is not known why Jay Clayton Allan was not included in the list of children; a Jay C. Allan of Lanark and Boyd was mentioned as a brother in the obituary of Ethel Allan Croft McIntyre in 1959. He would in fact have been a cousin. According to the Eastern Idaho Death Records, Glen Leishman Allan was born September 6, 1915 and died September 22, 2001 in Logan Utah. His father is shown as Lamont Allen and his mother's name was Rosella. His spouse is Alda M. Rees, and they were married September 1, 1939 at the Salt Lake City Temple. He was aged 86 at death and had served in World War 2. He was a dentist. Lamont Dale Allan who was born about 1928, married Bonnie Mae Kellett in Cache County, Utah, Logan on Dec. 18, 1947.

C. Marshall Maughan Allan

C. Marshall Maughan Allan was born July 27, 1894 and died March 24, 1976 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was buried at Wellsville Cemetery March 27th. His wife was Eva Johnson, daughter of Christine Jeppsen and Christian Johnson. She was born March 28, 1896 and died July 24, 1976 in Salt Lake City. She was buried at Wellsville Cemetery July 28, 1976. The 1920 census for Logan city, Cache County in the state of Utah shows Marshall Maughan Allan, aged 25, born in Utah, living with his wife, Eva, aged 23, also born in Utah, of Danish descent. Marshall was an account manager for Power and Light. Two children were named also in the 1920 census; a son Marshall M. Allan Jr, aged 2 ½, and a son Carl J. aged 5 months, both born in Utah. In the 1930 census for Salt Lake City, Utah, Marshall Allan is 35, owns his own home valued at $3,700. He was married at age 22. He was born in Utah, his parents were born in Utah. His wife Eva, aged 30, married at age 20, born in Utah, her parents born in Denmark.The children included Carl, age 10, Frank aged 5, Renee aged 2 &frec12;. All children were born in Utah. Marshall is an auditor with an electric light company.

D. Kenneth Maughan Allan

D. Kenneth Allan was born in May of 1900 at Wellsville, Utah, and died September 9, 1900.

Adeline Eliza Allan

Daughter of Janet Patterson and Andrew Allan

Adeline Eliza Allan was born July 21, 1862 and she died July 30, 1862

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